Golda gets her Carmen

Golda gets her Carmen


norman lebrecht

January 10, 2018

The soprano Ailyn Pérez is out of Munich’s new few Carmens.

Her replacement as Micaela is the stunning Munich-based South African, Golda Schultz.




  • Albert Horne says:

    She also sang it in München in 2017, 2016 and 2014…

  • Larry says:

    A South African with a Yiddish first name? Who would’ve thought!

  • Sharon says:

    I had a Black work colleague who named her daughter Shayna (pretty in Yiddish) based on a Jewish nurse when the baby was born saying that the baby was “shayna”.

    • Larry says:

      I hope the African-American TV producer, Shonda Rimes, was not so named because someone thought she was a “shame!”