NY donor ups radio gift to $26 million

The Jerome L. Greene Foundation has given $10 million to New York Public Radio, home of  WNYC and WQXR.

That’s on top of $6 million in 2006 and $10 million in 2014, making them the biggest supporters of classical radio anywhere on earth.

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  • Good work deserves support. Great work, New York Public Radio! I hope the federal government will equally support NPR. We need the truth, plainly told.

  • It’s wonderful to hear that a wealthy foundation is offering support for WNYC, but does this also suggest an affirmation of the allegedly terrible response of WNYC head Laura Walker to years of accusations, reported first by journalist Suki Kim on New York Magazine’s website, against on air host John Hockenberry? Additionally, two of the women hosts–both African American–that he co-hosted with allegedly alerted WNYC and Walker that he had essentially forced them out, even though the show they were co-hosting, The Takeaway, was originally established as a forum for diversity. When Walker appeared on The Takeaway a few days ago, her response when questioned by new host Todd Zwillich was deeply unsatisfying, to say the least. (All of this is easily discoverable on Google, and it is not “fake news.”) Then there are the recent allegations, reported in the New York Times, against Leonard Lopate and Jonathan Schwartz. I do hope that the Jerome L. Greene Foundation, in supporting WNYC, is not also supporting the allegedly awful behavior that has been allowed to take root there.

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