Strip club is denied the right to play music

A so-called adult venue in Newcastle has been penalised at the High Court in London for playing recorded music without a performing right licence.

So what happens now?

Probably the young women put their clothes on and learn to play an instrument.


Not like this.

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  • Or hire Simone Kermes or that gimmicky violinist whose name escapes me. Or the pianist with the notoriously beautiful hair (the only good quality one notices) whose name also escapes me.

    • Perhaps you mean Linda Lampenius? At times she actually seems to be a pretty good violinist. I wonder whether she *could* have been a very good violinist had she focused on her serious musical career, instead of allowing herself to be distracted by sidelines in modelling and crossover. In a way she seems to be the complete opposite of Katherine Jenkins: Katherine Jenkins has no musical talent but is clearly a canny businesswoman with sufficient awareness of her limitations to forge a hugely successful career as a crossover artist, model, actress, tv presenter, and professional celebrity, whereas Linda Lampenius seems to have been a genuinely talented violinist who gave up a potentially successful career as a serious musician in order to further more frivolous pursuits.

  • DJs in lap dance and pole dance clubs in Newcastle all have licences! No girl is going to waste time with a fiddle, sure they only have a g string on for your tenner tip!

  • Newcastle lap dance and pole dance clubs have DJs all licenced, the girls would not waste time with fiddles, sure they only have g strings to hold your tenner tip!

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