Violinist wins another 100 grand

The Moldavian-born violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaja was today named winner of the Swiss Grand Award for Music 2017, worth 100,000 SFR.

Four months ago, she won the Swiss federal government’s Grand Prix Music, worth 25,000 Swiss francs.

They must love her in Switzerland.


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  • Also in Britain:
    2010 BBC-Music-Magazine Award.
    2013 Gramophone award.
    2014 instrumentalist of the year of the Royal Society of Music.

  • Artist for the visual age. Much of the so called ‘core repertoire’ I heard from her, when I close my eyes, it sounds bad, sloppy, pointless. She has a vivid stage presence though.

    • I find her Beethoven VC with Philippe Herreweghe on Naïve actually pretty good though.
      But I have to admit I could not listen to her Tchaikovsky VC for more than 5 min.

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