You asked for Protopopov? You got him

Several readers sought amplification of this recent post on silenced Soviet composers.

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    • Robert Holmén says:

      Khachaturian? He was “denounced” and then “rehabilitated” in less than a year. Little injury to his career and the denunciation was a plus to western observers.

  • Larry says:

    Any relation to the Russian Olympic ice skating champions, “The Protopopovs,” a husband and wife team?

  • John Borstlap says:

    A beautiful work…. a bit Scriabinesque, without Scriabine’s particular fingerprints but with a comparable harmonic language. You can also hear how it was to live in Russia at the time: dark menal clouds, chilling emotional mists, anxiety syndrome, very nervous tics in the right hand and the secret police around the corner.

  • Peter Owen says:

    There was an avant gardist Russian composer called (Gavriil) Popov. That Protopopov came before him is one of the worst jokes I’ve ever told.

  • Jean says:

    I’ve had this score since 2004, or so, and I have been a fan of the composer ever since. But the score wins my technical abilities…

  • David Osborne says:

    Good piece (if a little angry), but I must say the score has made me realise that carrying accidentals through to the end of the bar is a really good idea.

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