Principal flute rejects Covent Garden to join our friends in the north

We hear that the Royal Northern Sinfonia has appointed Amy Yule, 23, as principal flute.

Amy is presently trialling for the same post at the Royal Opera House but decided she prefers Tyneside.


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  • Great news for both the player and the RNS! Congratulations.

    However, your headline is potentially misleading: just because someone has accepted a position with an orchestra, it doesn’t mean that they necessarily relinquish their other trials. The player may not have withdrawn from the trial process and, indeed may take the other job if it was to be offered. Therefore, the ROH may not have been rejected. There are any number of UK orchestras that have had people accept jobs, only to leave very shortly afterwards for a different band (which one hopes would not be the case in this instance!) I would suggest a headline like ‘RNS Appoints Wonderful Flautist’ rather than trying to suggest another company has been rejected…

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