Absent Iago contests Covent Garden’s decision to replace him

The French baritone Ludovic Tézier has openend a twitter account to assure the opera world that he is perfectly healthy and does not agree with Covent Garden’s decision to replace him in Otello.



Ludovic has posted a video in English in order to explain his position to the UK public.

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  • now if Jonas has any guts he should quit in solidarity but i’m afraid the opera world is like the football world….

    • It is strange. JK and Tézier are — were? — good friends, and if the excellent Frenchman wants to sing Iago, he ought to have the chance.

  • Tézier has not explained why he feels ROH wanted him out of the production, missing 2 days if rehearsal hardly cuts it. Perhaps they could explain? Maybe he couldn’t get into the little black dress

    • He’d already missed a week before that. Covent Gardeb revival rehearsals are not long. Covent Garden has to have a properly rehearsed production.

          • Fine — up to a point. They should remember that the music comes first, not the dumb staging, and Tézier is one helluva Verdi baritone.

          • As the staging has not debuted yet, you have no idea whether it is dumb. However, a principal singer missing a week of rehearsals will not help it. I’m with Covent Garden on this one.

      • This is not a revival, it is a new production. Directed by Keith Warner, who was conspicuous by his absence from last week’s ROH Inisght event (still on YouTube). Pappano and Kaufmann both turned up while Warner just sent his assistant.

        All most peculiar.

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