Opera chief falls off her horse

Opera chief falls off her horse


norman lebrecht

April 21, 2017

Three months before the launch of her first Vancouver Opera Festival, Kim Gaynor fell off her horse and suffered a serious leg fracture.

She’s back at her desk just before the festival begins, but it has been quite a saga.

With no WiFi in the hospital, friends wheeled her over to the closest Starbucks so she could get some work done. Further complicating matters, she was robbed twice during her ordeal – her phone and e-reader stolen from her hospital bedside while she was in a drug-induced sleep…

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  • Alexander says:

    how could it be “stolen from her hospital bedside while she was in a drug-induced sleep…” ? what a shame

    • Max Grimm says:

      I don’t know what hospitals in Vancouver are like but if they are anything similar to the hospitals I’ve seen, it could have been stolen quite easily by another patient, an employee or even a visitor.
      She seems to have quite rotten luck regarding her electronics as the sentence you quote continues with “[…] and back at home, while immobile upstairs, an intruder entered the house and walked off with her computer.”

      • Alexander says:

        it’s a karma then, I also have a good friend and she is always clumsy and has a bad fortune with her electronics and appliances … just reminiscent of that clumsy ape who is acting out with Mr.Gabbani in his Occidentali’s karma 🙂

        • Cyril Blair says:

          It’s karma??

          It happens quite a lot, which is why a lot of hospitals now have safes in the rooms. My father had his wallet stolen when he was in the room alone sleeping.

          • Alexander says:

            my dad has died in a hospital about 2 years ago …

          • Alexander says:

            probably it shouldn’t be perfect tense in my previous sentence …. nothing was stolen at that hospital, and when I and my sister came for the documents next morning doctors tried to give us all his belongings, we refused …. just from my memory…