What happened when Hilary Hahn lost her bridge

Happily, there were a pair of luthiers in the audience…

Watch the video.

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  • You know, this is fabulous! The things that most people never get to see. Thanks for sharing this, Norman.

  • I once attended a solo concert by Rachel Podger. She played an all-Bach programme, and the final piece was the D minor Partita. One of her pegs came loose at the start of the Chaconne, and rather than stopping she carried on unfazed and adjusted her fingering to correct the pitch for the rest of the performance. An astonishing feat of concentration, and needless to say it sounded glorious.

  • It says on a black screen :”The Media could not be played”. This happens a lot on this site and others. Is it copyright issues?

    • Often I have to copy the URL and paste it into a different browser (I’m a Firefox user, so Chrome or Internet Explorer) for videos from this site to play. Sometimes it’s worth the trouble 😛

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