Met orchestra musicians sent climate change warning to Washington

Musicians from the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra gave a Sunday benefit concert at Rudolf Steiner School on East 79th Street on behalf of a group of young people who are suing the federal government over climate change.

‘We’re looking to get out in the community and do broader outreach within New York City,’ said clarinet player Jessica Phillips. ‘We’re not political activists, but we also believe in children and their future.’

Report here.

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    • Brian B, you haven’t kept up with the newest faux narrative: climate change is the new research-funded term du jour. Please update your invective accordingly.

      Note to one of the authors: Using the phrase “We’re not political activists…” followed by, “but we also believe…” implies that you are both the former (political activists) AND the latter (believing in children and future). So accept that you are, once again, using your artistic podium to advocate a political stance..thus, again, tying art to politically-motivated science. Ugh

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