Student, 25, becomes orchestra’s composer in residence

Katherine Balch, 25, a PhD student at Columbia, is the new composer in residence at the California Symphony.

It’s a good jumpboard. Previous residencies have been held by Kamran Ince (1991-92), Christopher Theofanidis (1994-96), Kevin Puts (1996-99), Pierre Jalbert (1999-2002), Kevin Beavers (2002-05), Mason Bates (2007-10), D.J. Sparr (2011-14), and Dan Visconti (2011-17).

Balch, originally from San Diego, has received commissions from the Ensemble Intercontemporain, FLUX Quartet, International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) and more.

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    • God, you’re tedious…
      Get a life, Bortstlap and stick to imitating Ravel! No one cares for your judgement on modern music!

  • Katherine was a participant in the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival’s Young Composers String Quartet Project and it was the Festival that commissioned her to write for the FLUX Quartet.

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