Report: The Met’s Traviata is making as much money as La La Land

Report: The Met’s Traviata is making as much money as La La Land


norman lebrecht

March 13, 2017

That’s what is showing up in the weekend box office reports.

Both earned $1.8 million in North American cinemas.

Results here.


  • Hazel says:

    Sure but ticket prices to Met HD showings are 2-3 times the cost of a regular movie ticket. At least in the places I’ve shopped.

    • MWnyc says:

      That’s true, but, to be fair, the Met HD showings usually take up as much screen time as two to three showings of most feature films. So it’s a fair price for both ticket buyers and the cinema owners.

      • Hazel says:

        My point is that not as many people saw Traviata as La La Land, to me that is a better indicator of a movie’s popularity. (If I’m wrong maybe Netflix et al will start offering concert videos!).

  • Frankie says:

    What a meaningless post, Norman! La La Land has been in the Top-Ten charts for 14 weeks already and is still making almost as much in a week as Traviata!

    • Alan P says:

      Give it a break! This site reflects “classsical” music and that Traviata is even in the rankings is more interesting for many of us than something as inane and ultimately forgettable as as “La La Land” that didn’t ultimately get “The Oscar.” We have been reliably informed of this and is is it really relevant? Really?

      • jaxon says:

        I know it’s upsetting when tens of millions of people would much rather watch something you consider culturally irrelevant. Buck up.

  • Rachel Cooper says:

    Who is really expecting an opera to be as popular as La La Land? I Have loved opera most of my life, and feel that many more people would like it if they gave it a chance ( I have a friend who is a new fan through the wonderful HD performances that I introduced her to) but let’s be realistic. I think many people mistakingly feel that opera has no meaning to their lives today ( please look up American Contemporary opera composers such as Jake Heggie and his works such as Dead Man Walking and Great Scott, the list goes on. If you really want to learn about how cool opera and opera singers can be today, simply look up singers such as Joyce Didonato, Sonya Yoncheva and Elina Garanca…

  • Rachel Cooper says:

    Will our society ever care about anything more than what makes most money? Following what everyone else likes instead of using your own critical faculties? Is it not possible to love popular culture and opera? Yes it is!