David Garrett gets over the heartbreak

David Garrett gets over the heartbreak


norman lebrecht

February 16, 2017

Shutting the file on his recent erotic turbulence, the German violinist has been awarded the Frankfurter Musikpreis for 2017, a gift worth 15,000 Euros.

The prize is cross-generic, as you can see from the winners below.

It has consistently bypassed the leading German violinists – Mutter, Faust, Fischer, Tetzlaff, Zimmermann.

Maybe they don’t like the violin much in Frankfurt.

Past winners:

2017 David Garrett, Violinist
2016 Al Jarreau, Sänger und Songautor
2015 Peter Sadlo, Schlagzeuger
2014 Ernie Watts, Saxophonist
2013 Marie-Luise Neunecker, Hornistin und Instrumentalpädagogin
2012 John McLaughlin, Gitarrist und Komponist
2011 Anne Sofie von Otter, Mezzo-Sopranistin
2010 Keith Emerson, Keyboarder und Komponist
2009 Dr. José Antonio Abreu, Dirigent, Komponist und Mentor
2008 Paquito D’Rivera, Saxophonist, Klarinettist, Komponist
2007 Peter Eötvös, Dirigent, Komponist und Lehrer
2006 Peter Gabriel, Pop-/Rockmusiker
2005 György Ligeti, Komponist
2004 Udo Lindenberg, Deutsch-Rocker und Pop-Dichter
2003 Walter Levin, Violinist
2002 –
2001 Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Sänger
2000 Klaus Doldinger, Saxophonist
1999 Michael Gielen, Dirigent und Komponist
1998 Peter Herbolzheimer, Arrangeur/Interpret/Komponist
1997 Hans Zender, Komponist und Dirigent
1996 Wolfgang Niedecken, Sänger und Songwriter
1995 Tabea Zimmermann, Bratscherin
1994 Brian Eno, Musiker und Klangkünstler
1993 Harry Kupfer, Regisseur
1992 Georg Solti, Dirigent
1991 Aribert Reiman, Komponist
1990 Chick Corea, Jazz-Pianist
1989 Ludwig Güttler, Trompeter
1988 Heinz Holliger, Oboist
1987 Carl Dahlhaus, Musikwissenschaftler
1986 Albert Mangelsdorff, Jazz-Posaunist
1985 Brigitte Fassbaender, Kammersängerin
1984 Alfred Brendel, Pianist
1983 Edgar Krapp, Organist
1982 Gidon Kremer, Geiger


  • Michael Carasik says:

    Interesting that he is a “Violinist,” while Gidon Kremer was a “Geiger.”

  • Fleetwood Rose says:

    David Garrett are blessed with impeccable talents that HE will never be forgotten. He is true classical core and exemplary the best! He deserved this award

    • Alexander Davidson says:

      Whenever there’s a David Garrett story on this blog there are comments like this one. I can’t work out whether the posters are genuine fans or trolls.

      • Fleetwood Rose says:

        What is your problem Alex? Are you referring to me? I am a real fan of David Garrett… Yes! DG deserved this award and he proved it to the world that he is excellent and fastest Violinist. The problem in this world is you can’t please anybody! Live, Laugh, Love…

        • Alexander Davidson says:

          People are entitled be fans of whatever musicians they like, of course. I just find it funny that the two people who seem to attract the must enthusiastic comments on here are David Garrett and Jackie Evancho. To David Garrett’s fans he’s not just a decent violinist with excellent marketing, he’s blessed, impeccable, never to be forgotten, exemplary, the best, etc. There have been previous stories with similar exaggerated comments. Nobody ever seems to post such enthusiastic comments on, say, Jascha Heifetz, who probably actually was the greatest violinist who ever lived.

        • Alexander Davidson says:

          Here is the previous thread I had in mind: https://slippedisc.com/2015/01/david-garretts-paganini-film-is-a-washout/ His fans give a hugely exaggerated assessment of his ability as a violinist and are peculiarly nasty about anyone who points out their idol’s shortcomings.

          • Fleetwood Rose says:

            I observed before I speak my mind and my opinion are not exaggerated. Yes, some of David Garrett fans are too much sucking up. I believed in honesty and truthfulness… I don’t have to make up story how I describe my feelings.. it is what it is… every musicians have their own identities and David Garrett have it.

    • Kari Flick says:

      Fleetwood Rose is just a fake! David Garrett is a true talent. He deserves all the recognition for all his work. He isn’t He worked hard and still does. I wish he would stick to playing Queen instead of being one. Big head lately.Needs to communicate with fans more. They promote him.

  • eric says:

    Interesting that the winners oft 2015 and 2016 passend away after having won the award …

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Museart says:

    O tempora…. At least they had a good start in 1982 awarding Gidon Kremer…

  • Richard Amey says:

    Also 2010, Eric – although Keith died only last year. His home town will have been gratified at his winning this award in such company. He was learning to conduct, and taking lessons from John Gibbons the conductor of Worthing’s professional Symphony Orchestra, of London musicians.

  • Alexander Davidson says:

    So, he is in distinguished company: Anne Sofie von Otter, György Ligeti, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Sir Georg Solti, Alfred Brendel, Gidon Kremer… It certainly seems like an odd choice. In addition to the five German violinists named above, I could name a score of violinists more deserving of such an award without even having to think about it. How his career has taken off as it has I cannot understand. I can’t muster enough interest to listen to the end of his YouTube videos, let alone to go to one of his concerts or buy a CD.

    • Myrtar says:

      5 violinists? Who exactly?

      • Alexander Davidson says:

        “It has consistently bypassed the leading German violinists – [Anne-Sophie] Mutter, [Isabelle] Faust, [Julia] Fischer, [Christian] Tetzlaff, [Frank Peter] Zimmermann.”

        I make that five violinists.

  • David Garrett fan says:

    Well deserved award for one of the greatest musicians of our times!
    It is indeed way better to recognize and honor talent and excellence while the artist is young, full of life and reaching high levels of artistic productivity and creativity. Glad and proud, as a fan, for an additional award that David Garrett receives…he already received many, and he will certainly receive lot more!….but loving particularly the description of the Frankfurt Music Prize…an award given to “personalities whose work represents a special contribution to the worldwide music scene and culture”…and DG is honored as ”an artist who is able to introduce innumerable people to classical music via his crossover projects and, simultaneously, awaken interest in classical music”…what a great achievement indeed!….and this had been cited by many serious and interesting blogs and pages.
    …But, unfortunately, one can stumble also on this blog…whose quality and level can be easyly identified through the tone and style used by the author….After such a sensationnalist title (oh wow!), and a hard work to bring out the list of the past FMP winners (to prove what?), one would have expected an additional little effort to translate it! haha. Besides..as a DG fan, my ”rabid side” got rubbed by some posters here. People who still have difficulty to understand DG outstanding success. I can’t muster enough interest to read all their comments, but I would like to suggest them to check out his latest album Explosive (see the poster above), where his musical talent can be appreciated not only as a violinist virtuoso but as an amazing composer as well. In their case, they may particularly appreciate the piece ”Furious”. One of DG compositions. Highly virtuosic, extending the limits and the possibilities of the instrument…I wonder how many great violinists would have been able to play it…while DG, through the success of his classical and crossover performances is proving that he deserves well his position as one of the best violinists. His success is a fact. Honors and awards are consequences of this success. And are also facts. Not empty words.

    Someone said here that the posters could be trolls. A troll is commonly referred to as someone who writes provocative messages with the only intention of causing trouble.
    Let’s leave it to the reader to identify the trolls on this page. 😉

  • Mary says:

    Time was that when someone achieved something you congratulated them. To gripe about them receiving it, even if your personal thoughts were of the contrary, was seen to be churlish and in bad social taste. Perhaps a certain entertainer who is popular is not to your liking but to disrespect their achievement says a lot about you. As for perhaps questioning why this performer more than others, l would look at his success. No , not sales or tours but the fact that he has introduced Classical music to many who would not normally listen to it. In an overcrowded market, where sadly Classical music is looked apon by many, not all, as a dead form of music that is not a minor achievement. But l do understand that for many people the height of sophistication is to hate what is applauded by the masses.

  • Angela says:

    Jascha Heifetz was indeed one of the greatest violinists of his time and that is the operative word. Love the way JH performed then, I also love the way Mr. “Garrett ” performs for today’s audiences. They say you can’t compare apples and oranges, I say they are different but both delicious. Congratulation to DG for winning the award !