Just in: David Garrett settles pornstar claim

Just in: David Garrett settles pornstar claim


norman lebrecht

January 13, 2017

It is reported that the international violinist has reached an agreement with his former pornstar girlfriend, Ashley Youdan, also known as Kendall Karson, who was suing him in New York for $12 million.

The terms of the settlement are being kept confidential.

Ms Youdan


  • Ungeheuer says:

    Wow, now that she’s free, let’s match her with Ray Chen, securing Decca a new Traumpaar perfect for outreach and marketing purposes. Something to do with growing new audiences (and perhaps growing something else).

    • Carp girl says:

      Oh noooooo…Ray Chen is such an immense and fine young talent! Can’t stand the thought of him even being mentioned in the same sentence, as those two aging sleeze bags .

  • Chris Walsh says:


    Couldn’t we have let this one slip under the radar? Or at least pose the question if one or both of them are Nazis?

  • Mark Mortimer says:

    Can’t wait for David’s rendition of Bach ‘Air on the G string’.

    Not that funny really.

  • Theodore McGuiver says:

    Must be the first time a porn actress has refused to reveal her assets.

  • Classixfan says:

    Norhing written about a settlement. The court papers just say, the claim
    Is discontinued. Looks as she had no chance with her allegations.

  • meg nielsen says:

    happy for her. this man proudly admits to ordering women from a menu as though he would a steak.

  • John Borstlap says:

    With some effort, one could understand the procreational inspiration this lady invites, but it also seems rather overpriced.

  • Paul Davis says:

    Surely, sir; ass-et stripping.

  • Angela says:

    I believe she lied, the story she related sound like a porn movie plot. She thought she thought she had her ” chicken caught” and when mom and especially dad (who is a lawyer) talked sense into him and he broke up, she saw her “chicken” escaping her clutches, then she starts saying DG did this and he did that, ( he was so abusive that he let her live in his apartment and gave her $ 20,000 a month so she could start her real estate business) looks like revenge to me.
    It is a shame that by doing so this woman destroys the credibility of women who are truly abused by their partners and who will now find it harder to prove their cases in court.

    • Purple Rose says:

      Amen! You are absolutely right ! No words can described this dangerous species! Yes! The real women who got emotionally and physically abused will be the one suffered! Due to this kind of species existed in human world (Ashley Youdan aka kk) who lied in the eyes of the law and God (she bragged her parents are Christian?) she let all genders see her for free!! Except David who hired her and supported her even they broke-up! What kind species she or he whatever species she is! She will never ever succeed with “real estate” or “model” career. She will end up nowhere… “Houston we have problem kk is going down due to her fake sagging boobs too heavy” Roger that Houston” whoever, believed her she’s paying them!

  • Cara says:

    Wonder why he resorted to an escort.? Sad , but I can’t believe he’s totally innocent. A pic of him made him look high. He dumped a girlfriend for her & told the public that he didn’t gave time for an involvement whike he was with her. He isn’t violent, I’m sure. Probably fell prey to thus experienced sl-t. So goos luck to him, better maje better choices un the future…