Entire UK orchestra and chorus resign in support of conductor

More than 100 members of the Palace Theatre Philharmonia and Chorus in Plymouth have resigned after their music director Marcus Alleyne left his job three weeks ago, apparently under local authority pressure.



In all, 123 singers and players from all over Devon and Cornwall have told Plymouth they won’t perform again.

It sounds like one of those artist-bureaucrat conflicts. If you know more, please drop a comment below.

Read report here.


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  • Apparently the Palace Theatre needs millions spent on it. With the Theatre Royal and its studio theatre (The Drum) available for plays, the Palace Theatre would only be used as a venue for music. I fear the cost of renovation was just too much, in the end. A pity!

    • Can’t they apply for a Lottery grant or something? Just as well they’re not professionals and relying on the work to live … or are they?

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