Katharina Wagner is honoured for ‘services to united Europe’

Katharina Wagner is honoured for ‘services to united Europe’


norman lebrecht

October 23, 2016

The Bayreuth chief is to receive a state medal for ‘services to Bavaria in a united Europe’.

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Because a united Europe believes that cultural assets should be controlled by the hereditary principle?


  • Josef Cohen says:

    She ruined the Wagner festival.
    The productions last years are disgusting.
    She should be removed from leading the festival and replaced by a professional figure. Josef Levin.

  • John Borstlapj says:

    Bayreuth’s problem is one of success….. what was once groundbreaking, has become convention, but there is a solution:


    • David Osborne says:

      Wondering if this is any way timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of poor old Wieland’s death. That would ironic. Interesting that he is always credited with being the father of Regietheater because I’m certain he would have been horrified with the race to the bottom of inappropriateness that it has become. But not always. Neil Armfield’s Melbourne Ring of 2013 falls into that maligned category and it was brilliant. Bayreuth however is a clear example of the great German art’s inability to change, when it clearly needs to. Awards for someone like Katharina, will not help.

      • Ulex Xane says:

        The Melbourne Ring brilliant? You’ve got to be kidding! One of the most tasteless, kitschy, corny travesties of Wagner’s Ring in living memory.