Chink of hope as Federal mediator flies to Pittsburgh

Chink of hope as Federal mediator flies to Pittsburgh


norman lebrecht

October 23, 2016

The management of the Pittsburgh Symphony has agreed to meet a federal mediator this week, its first breach of isolation since the musicians went on strike at the end of last month.

They have also agreed for an independent expert to examine the finances.

Signs of the icecap melting in Fort Worth as well. The two sides met Saturday for the first time in weeks, both indicating they would like the dispute to be settled before the holidays.



  • Bruce says:

    Mediation only helps if BOTH sides are interested in finding a solution (i.e., compromise). It’s approximately 100% likely that management is agreeing to the meeting only to deprive their opponents of the chance to say they refused.

    Remember that George Mitchell, who helped broker the peace in Northern Ireland, was unable to make any headway with the Minnesota Orchestra situation.

    • Amy Adams says:

      That’s absolutely right. It took individuals from both sides talking privately, without rancor, to solve the Minnesota dispute…without any help at all from the banksters and CEO responsible for the historic, drawn-out and destructive lockout.
      Thank goodness for their courage and tenacity – it’s a real success story.