Whatever happened to Mozart’s little boy?

From the Lebrecht Album of the Week:

Mozart had a little boy, born four months before he died. Salieri recommended that the kid, Franx Xaver, should stick with the family trade and become a travelling pianist and composer. Trading on the Mozart name, F.-X. made a living in places like Lemberg (Lviv), Salzburg and Karlsbad (Karlovivary)….

There’s a rare and rather good recording out of two of his piano concertos. Read on here.

Or here.


And here.


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  • That would be “Karlovy Vary”. I have conducted there. Their orchestra presented the European premiere of Dvorak’s Ninth Symphony.

    • Where you conduct is totally off-topic, but kudos on your degree from the Jeffrey Biegel School of Shameless Self-Promotion.

  • It would be a dim bulb who might think one of F-X’s concerti composed by Hummel! We are, I assume, speaking of the Hummel whom W.A. Mozart taught gratis for two years, for whom Haydn wrote a sonata, to whom Schubert dedicated his last three sonatas (though his publisher changed the dedicatee to Schumann), and whose concerti were a part of Chopin’s standard repertoire? The one who also composed those superb masses? Or is there another one I haven’t come across?

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