Sicklist: Gatti cancels Kaufmann recording

We hear that Daniele Gatti has pulled out of next week’s concerts and a recording with the Vienna Philharmonic and  Jonas Kaufmann.

They were to have performed Mahler’s Das Lied von der Erde with Kaufmann singing both tenor and baritone/contralto parts.

(Suddenly, we’re feeling a bit queasy. And there’s football on telly.)

mourinho gatti

The Vienna Philharmonic has yet to announce a change of programme. We understand the recording team have been stood down.

UPDATE: The VPO has announced that Jonathan Nott will replace Gatti. Kaufmann will sing both parts in Das Lied. The recording is cancelled.

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  • There are plenty of other conductors who could fill in … and, given the feat intended by Jonas Kaufmann, the Das Lied von der Erde performances in both Wien and Paris (June 21 and 23) are sure to be recorded.

    • Kirill Petrenko has nothing to do until Tosca on June 25 and was frustrated by Kaufmann’s withdrawal from the Munich concerts of the Mahler in March, and these two musicians just collaborated successfully on Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg. Also, Wien wants its hands on Petrenko, and the Wien Phil needs little rehearsal to prepare the score. So, joining the many dots …

      Gatti may have been told to get sick.

  • The recording should be canceled. Even two men singing “Das Lied” has never seemed satisfactory. “Der Abschied” needs a special mezzo or contralto. Kaufmann, great a singer as he is, could not convince me this is anything more than a vanity project.

    • Jonas Kaufmann’s No. 1 strength is Lied.

      Let’s hear what he does with this before we judge — and I would venture to suggest that the challenges and opportunities of the long last “movement” are the reason he is attempting this.

      Pity about the replacement conductor choice, of course!

      • hear what conductor does before you judge ….same like with singer. Nott proved to know well how to handle Mahler

      • I agree. He wants to sing Der Abschied and he loves a challenge. I am a strong admirer of Kaufmann, but I had to chuckle a bit when this was announced. He is known for commitment to composers’ instructions. Except in this case when he REALLY wants to sing Der Abschied. That is good enough for me.

  • Was Gatti fired? Kind of risky if top-notch replacement isn’t available. Petrenko would have been ideal as would several others. Has Nott conducted this before? Other Mahler? The orchestra is partner not accompanist here. I have tickets to both performances (travelling from California) still hoping for the best. Too bad about the recording being cancelled. Such a historic concert should be saved.
    Oh to be a fly on the rehearsal room wall…

    • These comments amaze me. Nott is known for his Mahler and had recorded an acclaimed Mahler cycle with his orchestra in Bamberg. No 9 won many awards. He has conducted Das Lied many times – with the Chicago Symphony, for one – and recorded it. This will not be his first time with the Vienna Phil either.

  • Don’t critizise before you have heard the concert. And, above all, rely on the Orchestra and on Jonas Kaufmann. In particular Jonas would never agree to an incapable conducter.

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