Salzburg Mozarteum in open revolt

Salzburg Mozarteum in open revolt


norman lebrecht

June 14, 2016

Teaching staff at the Mozarteum are demanding the replacement of all members of the University’s governing body before a new Rector is chosen.

They originally voted 19-1 against the appointment of the disgraced Siegfried Mauser, who has now left after being convicted in Munich of sexual assault on a female colleague. Now they want the governors to be sacked for their misjudgement.

The university council presently consists of: Viktoria Kickinger, a public functionary; Volksoper Director Robert Meyer; Heinrich Magometschnigg, a mecial practitioner; Nike Wagner of the Bonn Beethovenfest and Karl Ludwig Vavrovsky, a lawyer.

The teachers may have a point.

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Kickinger, Mauser



  • FREDDO says:

    Has anyone heard Mauser’s Mozart Piano Sonatas? They’re terrible.

    • Adam Henderson says:

      Nonsense. They are quite characterful and spirited versions. Are we going to thrash now everything Mauser has ever done ?