Salzburg Mozarteum in open revolt

Teaching staff at the Mozarteum are demanding the replacement of all members of the University’s governing body before a new Rector is chosen.

They originally voted 19-1 against the appointment of the disgraced Siegfried Mauser, who has now left after being convicted in Munich of sexual assault on a female colleague. Now they want the governors to be sacked for their misjudgement.

The university council presently consists of: Viktoria Kickinger, a public functionary; Volksoper Director Robert Meyer; Heinrich Magometschnigg, a mecial practitioner; Nike Wagner of the Bonn Beethovenfest and Karl Ludwig Vavrovsky, a lawyer.

The teachers may have a point.

More here.

kickinger mauser

Kickinger, Mauser


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    • Nonsense. They are quite characterful and spirited versions. Are we going to thrash now everything Mauser has ever done ?

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