The Met’s new Musetta wins $50,000

The Met’s new Musetta wins $50,000


norman lebrecht

April 08, 2016

The Metropolitan Opera’s 11th Annual Beverly Sills Artist Award, worth 50 grand, has been given to soprano Ailyn Perez, who sings her first Bohème Musettas there this month.


ailyn perez


Previous winners include Joyce DiDonato, Bryan Hymel and Michael Fabiano.

Ailyn, 36, is the daughter of Mexican immigrants. She said: ‘For me and so many others, Beverly Sills’s legacy is an inspiration. She presented the operatic voice as something we could be fascinated and awed by, and with her great sense of humor, she was ‘Bubbles,’ the diva we could all relate to. I also feel a great responsibility to be an active part of continuing that tradition, and to find innovative ways to engage new audiences through social media and working in our schools. Opera will survive and thrive if we embrace it as an important part of our collective culture.’




  • Eddie Mars says:

    And if The Donald has his way, Ms Perez and all her relations will soon be forced onto buses bound for Monterrey.

  • Respect says:

    She’s a citizen, you idiot.

    • Eddie Mars says:

      You think The Donald cares???

      Try learning some BASIC manners??????????????

      • Mathieu says:

        Eddie, the Donald does not care, but the US Constitution does. As far as the US Constitution goes, banning all muslims from entering the country, as terrible an idea as it is, is constitutional; deporting a US citizen just because she has Mexican origins… not so much! Of course, you could say that the donald would wipe his a&§se with the Constitution, and you would probably be right, but there is still something called judicial review – not to speak of impeachment, by the way.

        So Eddie, do not try to out-donald the donald by making such preposterous statements.

        As for Ailyn Perez, congrats on a well-deserved award.

      • MS says:

        Eddie Mars wants to lecture someone about “basic manners”?

        That’s quite enough.

  • AMetFan says:

    These are the best comments you two can come up with for an accomplished (not to mention articulate) artist?

  • Brent Straughan says:

    It’s about the singing … Gentlemen.

  • Al says:

    Not only is she a ttruly great singer, she’s an even better person. She’s spectacular!