At this week’s star wedding, the groom’s a conductor, the bride’s in the chorus

At the wedding of Catharine Rogers and Ben Woodward last Saturday, there was bound to be music. Catharine’s a soprano and Ben’s conductor of Fulham Opera.

So they warmed up with the fugue from Verdi’s Falstaff. No mistaking the groom in the video. Looks like the best man is playing viola in the orchestra in a grey top hat and the bride, singing Alice, emerges gloriously at the end from the chorus..

Sheer joy.

We wish these lovely guys a lifetime of encores.

ben and catharine woodward

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  • Yes, weddings are like this. They are spectacular to the point of importance that you are giving to them, to the point of how much you ready to attribute the best of you in the marriage. The wedding itself is just a day that you make to celebrate your love and the begging of a new family. Most of the couples subconsciously see it like the last fun day, therefore they do their best to make it unforgettable. Which is not right. Also, the false path is to follow the fashion. I feel that wedding should be as unique as a couple, as their love story, and the best way to find how to do it withing the wedding ceremony and afterparty is Created with a help of specialist with different backgrounds, from desighners to a therapist. Pretty strong cooperation to create the wedding you’ve always wanted!

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