Paris chief is unseated in Universal shakeout

Paris chief is unseated in Universal shakeout


norman lebrecht

February 19, 2016

The upheavals at the world’s largest music group following Max Hole’s retirement have reached France, forcing the resignation of the company’s veteran local boss, Pascal Nègre.

pascal negre

Described as the best known music executive in France, Pascal reportedly objected to the latest policy directives coming from company HQ in California.

He is replaced by Olivier Nusse, m.d. of Mercury Music Group and Universal Classic & Jazz in France.



  • Nelson says:

    I have seen and read Pascal Negre described as “the best known music executive in France”. While that may be true, you will not easily find high praise for this man’s style, nor for his character or behaviour. I met him three times and was on a music industry panel with him four times. He may have been seen as interesting twenty something years ago, but I, and most of our fellow panelists, found him to be a silly narcissist with an oversized ego and a person only interested in wanting to ALWAYS be the centre of attention. For a senior executive at a major multinational, his English was appalling and he didn’t make any effort to get to know others, only doing his megalomania show and trying to get everybody’s attention. For me Pascal Negre is a caricature of a fictional has-been over the top record company executive that might be seen in a Sacha Baron Cohen film or other comedy, but not a manager for the 21st Century.

    Universal Music made a wise decision by separating itself from him.