Radio France gets another head of music

After years of ongoing turmoil, the Radio France boss Mathieu Gallet has wheeled out his latest pen-pusher.

Michel Orier, 57, appears to be one of those all-purpose political-cultural functionaries that France throws up in such limitless profusion. He has been head of the maison de la culture in Amiens and grenolbe, a cultural advisor to the Jospin government and recently  inspecteur général des affaires culturelles au Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication.

Almost as perfect a head of radio as our own dear Radio 3 chief.


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  • Reading this news, it appears that we are sure to get in France, yet again, another pretentious, cold and aloof technocrat, with little genuine interest or even knowledge of music. He will not do much, except keep a putrid system on life support, use and abuse large sums of taxpayer money and assure that the system remains closed to anyone outside of the French elite, the Free Masons and their courtesans. France is like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

  • One always knows one is tuned into “France Musique” – even at 5 in the morning – by the endless verbiage. I don’t know how many listeners they have but they apparently don’t care.

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