Eschy wins a prize (surprise!)

Eschy wins a prize (surprise!)


norman lebrecht

February 25, 2016

This year’s Hindemith Award (10,000 Euros) goes to Christoph Eschenbach.

He may have to give it back for lack of space on his mantelpiece.

Not to mention the bank charges for small change.



  • Martin says:

    Eschenbach, or his network of dwindling supporters, believes that by networking repeated “insider” prizes, this will in some way compensate and counterbalance his lack of success and multiple dismissals from orchestras that he has been music director of.
    What is also shocking, as well as embarrassing for him, is that he is well-known for being extremely greedy and demanding outrageous fees as a music director, more than Muti, more than Nezet-Seguin, more than Gergiev, who are all in another league, on another, far higher, level as musicians than he is, and that he repeatedly receives, and actually takes for himself, prize money of small amounts, like this 10,000 Euro award. Will he give the money to a needy student? Or give it to a charity? We read here, the last time he got another one of these little cash awards, that he would give it to a charity, as his greed was a hot topic on these pages then. Did he really do it? Will he pocket this money as well?
    These sorts of German prizes are all funded by and are part of an incestuous network of insiders, who come to the aid of those among them who have image problems, or who need some good public relations subsequent to an endless string of disasters, as is the case with Eschenbach.

    • Milka says:

      Venomous jealousy anyone?

      • Ed Camber says:

        I don’t detect “jealousy” here, only disgust at reading, yet again, that the “greedy” and highest paid music director, who is certainly far from being even a below average conductor receives, yet again, another cash prize from, yet again, Germany. I think that could provoke cynicism and irritation, as the whole thing is all too obvious and transparent.

        • Milka says:

          Your and the Martin comments are only opinions based on how you interpret
          events. That you both don’t like him as a conductor -tough – that yet again he receives
          prizes -tough- the people who give him these prizes feel he deserves them .
          Incestuous ,obvious, transparent , come on ! say what you mean don’t dance
          around. obvious in what way ,transparent in what way ??Then the nerve to hint
          at how he should spend his money .Sour grapes.

    • Ross says:

      People can demand anything they want. It’s up to the other party to decide whether it’s worth it to give it to them, or not.

  • David Boxwell says:

    He and his agents may be “extremely greedy,” but if they manage to winkle “outrageous fees” from orchestra managers and boards (lookin’ at ya Kennedy Center!), then they are also very, very canny.