Marzena gets management

Marzena gets management


norman lebrecht

February 14, 2016

We’re delighted to report that the young Polish assistant conductor who took over a Korngold opera in Paris from her sick boss, has got both feet now on the career ladder.

Marzena Diakun has signed to boutique CLB management. Week by week, more and more young women are taking their rightful place on the podium.

marzena diakun


  • Duane says:

    Maestra was excellent! I watched this performance, since ” Die Tode Stadt ” is one of my favorite operas. She cued the players in well, had a good directorial beat with her baton, and she was receptive of the soloists! I truly enjoyed the performance and hope she will get many more opportunities in the future!

  • Doug Grant says:

    Still the accolades for the young photogenic women tumble out. Please – how about proper recognition for Nathalie Stutzmann as a conductor??