A great tenor’s house is for sale

john mccormack

Any guesses?

It’s the Irish tenor’s Irish home, the place John McCormack bought eight years before he died. Yours for 3.6 million Euros.

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  • While he was at the Met in New York, McCormack owned a house on Long Neck Point in Darien, Connecticut a town on Fairfield county’s so called gold Coast. The price of his property today would easily match the price of the house listed here.

  • I would wish for this to become a visiting place, a museum, a place for music making and reminiscing about this great singer whose faultless technique, immaculate diction, perfect legato line and wonderful glistening resonant tone, not to mention great agility and superb breath control, deserves to be remembered and fostered for generations of lovers of singing worldwide. He has been a lifelong source of inspiration to me in my singing and teaching career.

    Is there any way that we can start a group to support this idea and create this dream ?

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