Chinese orch choose Irish conductor

Chinese orch choose Irish conductor


norman lebrecht

January 17, 2016

After his concert last night with the Harbin Symphony Orchestra, Derek Gleeson was named Principal Guest Conductor.  He is one of the first foreigners to hold a title with a Chinese orch.


The hall is a modern marvel.



  • John murphy says:

    Congrats Derek. Hopefully your achievement can inspire others. As a nation the Irish have underachieved in music when compared to our contribution to say literature. Official neglect and indifference hasn’t helped. Is there for example any other country without a proper opera company? Our leaders preferred horse racing!

    • Liza Flatley Callahan says:

      Congratulations Derek! This is an honor and a huge achievement! We are all in awe of your accomplishments. I would also like to respond to John Murphy and just say how sad I am to learn the absence of a legitimate opera company in Ireland because we all know how talented her people are – especially musically. I wondered if you’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to Patrick Cassidy’s Children of Lir? It’s one of my favorite works of all time and he’s the first ever to write a cantata in Gaelic. You probably have, but just in case you haven’t. I hope you enjoy! All the best, Liza

  • Philomena says:

    Congratulations Derek from one of the Mooneys from The Drive. Philomena and Caroline’s older sister. I will pass on your good news and wish you all the best there. You and your family must be very proud!

  • Staci says:

    Actually, Manuel Alberto Aybar was Principal Guest Conductor in the PRC for the Hunan Symphony in Changsha from 2009 to 2014.