Tragedy: Lithuania loses music archives

The building that houses the Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre and the Lithuanian Composers’ Union caught fire on Wednesday.

Along with irreplaceable documents, about 4,500 digitised archival recordings have been lost without backup.

If you can help, please contact Asta Pakarklytė,


lithuania music centre

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  • “about 4,500 digitised archival recordings have been lost without backup.”

    At the risk of stating the obvious, that is just plain incompetent.

    3-2-1 rule:

    Three copies,
    in two different formats,
    one copy off-site.

  • This is such a tragedy. We all should know that you back-up files and documents, but sadly many people don’t – and then it is too late.
    Hopefully others will have some of the info and docs that were lost and they can be re-gathered and backed up off site!

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