Delay for London’s new concert hall?

According to the brief for the million-pound feasibility study, ‘The Feasibility Steering Group will present an interim report to the GLA and the DCMS in June 2015 and a final report in September 2015.’

Hadn’t happened, apparently, by close of play today.



Any chance they’ll sort it out before the next Heathrow runway?

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  • Whover wrote this ‘feasibility study’ is illiterate.
    He/ she clearly doesn’t know the difference between ‘LEAD’ ( a metal and also part of the declension of ‘to lead’) and ‘LED’ ( no not ‘LED’ lights, but another part of the declension of ‘to lead’)
    So, in this rather important document, we have the rather gruesome and illiterate
    ‘Lead by the Barbican’

    • Are you really surprised? The standards of literacy among the supposedly educated elite of this country have never been lower. I could give you an entire compendium of examples, but let me confine myself to just one because it also involves a verb. Very few people these days seem to understand the difference between a transitive and an intransitive verb, witness the never-ending confusion over “to lay” and “to lie”.

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