Fire-devastated concert pianist says thanks

Terrence Wilson, who lost his most valued possessions in a Montclair, NJ, fire at the weekend has posted this message in response to a global wave of support:

terrence wilson

I want to express my immense gratitude to every one of you who have reached out to check on my well-being during this crisis. Family, friends, reporters, colleagues, acquaintances, and even non-acquaintances named and anonymous have left consoling messages, offers to help, and have made donations. I am at a loss of words to express my humbling thanks to everyone.

It will take me some time to get back to everyone of you individually as I grapple with immediate must-dos, but in the meantime, I need you all collectively to know how much your support has helped to get me through this. I also need you to know that despite being in a dumbfounding shock over this current predicament, I am OKAY.

On a last note, but certainly not least – I’d also like to thank every one of the emergency response personnel at the scene last Saturday – especially the courageous and heroic firefighters who kept the fire from causing even more damage.

And, as you think of me, please also give a thought to my neighbors who are also suddenly thrust into this most difficult crisis. We all need to be in this together.




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  • Love, hugs and vibes of encouragent to you and your neighbors from Chautauqua in Boulder!! Olav & Marti, oboists

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