Ex-Verbier pianist loses everything in US house fire

Ex-Verbier pianist loses everything in US house fire


norman lebrecht

July 26, 2015

‘Pray for me,’ messages Terrence Wilson, a concert pianist and former Verbier assistant, after fire gutted his Montclair, New Jersey, apartment block.

Terrence has lost his piano and most of his possessions, including a Grammy nomination certificate.

Offers of help are trickling in. If you know Terrence, send some solidarity to his facebook page.

terrence wilson


  • Andrew Constantine says:

    I love this guy to bits – he’s just wonderful! Things will come good, Terrence.

  • Sarah S says:

    I love how you act like you actually care, Norman. When you are a vicious toxic old queen to most people on and offline.

    • Robert Fitzpatrick says:

      I find this comment gratuitous, especially in light of Mr. Wilson’s loss. I hope others agree that the main purpose of this blog is presenting the news that concerns the world of music and discussion when appropriate. Personal attacks serve no purpose.

    • norman lebrecht says:

      This message is from a formerly anonymous person called Sarah Sanchez, apparently a violinist. She is banned from further participation.

  • The Civility Squadron says:

    … And you think this sort of comment is going to improve the level of discourse?

  • CA says:

    What was the cause of the fire and was a whole city block lost? This is terrible.

  • RT says:

    Where is Mrs. Kaplinsky? Certainly, she could help. As with the tragedy of the Brown sisters — Veda Kaplinsky seems happy to benefit from her talented students, but does not seem to ever be available to help her students when they urgently need help!

    • Grigor Petrov says:

      Ms. Kaplinsky is far too high up on the musical social strata to be bothered with someone like this young man. Although she seems tto be a fine teacher, she also works with some of the most talented and easy to teach artists. When one can teach a twelve year old to play Fur Elise musically, one has truly arrived.