Music that comes up in the sand

Music that comes up in the sand


norman lebrecht

June 29, 2015

Hop Picking Card 1
photographer Conlin Hattersley

Last year, the East Neuk Festival created a Schubert in the sand.

This year, it’s a Stradivarius. Credits to Sand in Your Eye team Jamie Wardley and Claire Jamieson. The artwork reflects a beautiful 300-year-old Stradivarius violin that has been loaned to the Festival this year.

It will all be gone by nightfall.


press release: Monday 29 June 2015: A 3-D anamorphic drawing of a giant violin took shape on Elie beach at low tide this morning to celebrate the annual East Neuk Festival. It was created by the Sand in Your Eye team of Jamie Wardley and Claire Jamieson in honour of the beautiful 300-year-old Stradivarius violin loaned to the Festival this year, and to reflect the Festival programme of chamber music performed this coming week in churches and venues throughout the East Neuk.   This work of art is a limited edition in every sense of the word as it existed for only a few hours – until the tides rolled in and washed it away.
The first concert is tonight in Dunino Church; celebrated violinist Hugo Ticciati improvising on, and playing solo violin music by JS Bach.



  • Gerhard says:

    Impressive, and it has five strings.

  • Andy Lim says:

    with so many detailed observations by Gerhard and Sixtus, it is very unexpected that none of them noticed that the chinrest is on the right side. but maybe the violinist has the bow in the left hand.

  • Andy Lim says:

    as the first reply did not show up; here another try:
    the eagle-eyed remarks of Gerhard and Sixtus noticing 5 strings and Guarneri F-holes surprised me as the chinrest on the right side of the violin seems not to bother anybody?!

  • Debby says:

    Looks impressive. I wonder how much time they have spent building that violin? I love building sand castles and other things but I’ve never managed to build something like this. Not even close. This is what distinguishes professional from amateur. For anyone who’s struggling with boring paperwork like I do with sand castles – you always may look for a professional research paper writing service, experienced writers and editors are available 24/7.