Scraping both barrels: Domingo shares opening night with Woody Allen

It’s like one of those Waiting for God nights at Los Angeles Opera.

Woody Allen opens the 2015-16 with a revival of his best-forgotten 2008 production of Gianni Schicchi. Placido Domingo, LA Opera’s general director, will sing the baritone title role. In the second half Domingo, a former tenor, will conduct a revival of Zeffirelli’s Pagliacci production.

You couldn’t make it up.

It’s like old folks in a care home saying ‘I used to be…’


domingo woody allen

The Odd Couple, in 2008

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  • Couldn’t agree with you more about Domingo in terms of singing; he should stick to conducting and being the grand old man of opera. But I think you’re overly unfair on the Allen production. I heard it was quite brilliant, and I don’t think his talent has dried out yet.

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