Muti leads orchestra race to Cuba

He has announced he wants the Chicago Symphony to be first to Havana, exploiting the Obama thaw in mainland-island relations. No tour date yet, but usually what maestro wants, maestro gets.


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  • If he’s talking about the CSO being the first since Obama’s announcement, fine. But the Milwaukee Symphony performed there in the 1990s with State Department permission.

  • May I suggest some repertoire? 1)Gershwin:Cuban overture.
    2)Gottschalk: souvenir de Cuba op.75 (solo piano, but someone can orchestrate this exquisite little piece)
    3)Henze: Symphony No.6 (fascinating relic of its era,and inspired by the Cuban revolution)

  • Chicago and Muti are mistaken about being first. Milwaukee did it in the 90s. When the NYPhil explored this a few years ago, it was clear they wouldn’t be the first. Chicago should have known that better before making this pronouncement, or at least been more clear about being first in this new era of relations between the countries.

    • True enough – but I’m guessing that telling Muti that might not have gone over so well. (I seem to recall his being quick to take umbrage at things most of us might not consider a big deal.)

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