Orch to city: No subsidy? No more concerts, starting now

Orch to city: No subsidy? No more concerts, starting now


norman lebrecht

January 04, 2015

Mark Minkowski and the Musiciens de Louvre, told last month that Grenoble is ending a 438,000 Euro subsidy, have responded by cancelling their January concerts.

Minkowski’s statement: ‘”L’Orchestre devrait accuser un déficit de 400.000 € en 2015. Malgré son désir de poursuivre ses actions sur Grenoble, mais afin de limiter ces pertes, tenter de pérenniser la structure et restreindre l’impact sur l’emploi, l’Orchestre se voit contraint d’annuler” des concerts dès janvier.’

Details here.



  • Pasmantier says:

    Sad,…. Culture has really been hit this year…

    • CA says:

      I agree with you. Orchestras particularly. We ain’t seen nothing yet, and I work for one that is struggling struggling struggling. I’m tired of the mental toll it takes, quite frankly, wondering and waiting to see what the future may bring, or not…..not a fun place to be in middle age. My personal feeling is that we in the US are so dumbing down some if our culture in so many ways, trying to be all things to all people. It is impossible for most except the very large organizations to do that: so quickly the staff gets stretched too thin and everyone is maxed out trying to get their musicians here, there, everywhere and it all takes huge sums of money for very low payoff, at least in the early stages, until one actually has a built up a steady following and there are relationships built and maintained with the patrons and donors.