Headless ENO hits fresh crisis

Headless ENO hits fresh crisis


norman lebrecht

January 21, 2015

We heard earlier in the week that the chairman of English National Opera had sent a letter to his colleagues saying he wanted out. In a detailed analysis of the company’s structural and financial problems, Martyn Rose concluded that it would take more time than he could give to put the place to rights.

The Times has a slightly different version of events this morning. Maybe the chair just couldn’t be arsed.

Rose, a Conservative appointee, has been in the job less than two years. His predecessor, Peter Bazalgette, lasted just a few months before leaping off to the Arts Council where he imposed a swingeing $5 million cut on his former company.

What ENO needs in its present straits is a chairman of substance who believes in its artistic destiny, not a political muppet who is waiting for the next honours list.

Anyone know any white knights? The alternative could be dark nights at the Coli.  UPDATE: New appointment here.

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