Just in: Aussie makes snap Berlin Phil debut

The coloratura soprano Siobhan Stagg has been summoned to rehearsal at a few hours’ notice to deputise at tomorrow’s Brahms German Requiem, and for the following two performances with Christian Thielemann.

She replaces Sybilla Rubens.

Siobhan has been winning hearts and minds at the Deutsche Oper Berlin, where she’s singing Pamina next month. Christa Ludwig has gone on record saying her voice is one of the loveliest she has heard.


siobhan stagg

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  • I would urge people to do whatever it takes to hear this performance! Digital Concert Hall on Saturday night is likely your only option unless you already have a ticket. The orchestra and chorus are in top, motivated form, Christian Gerhaher is magnificent, and Siobhan is truly stunning (without even mentioning the last-minute circumstances). I’ve just come from the rehearsal…

  • I wish I could be there to see and will do my best to watch the stream! Siobhan is such a great musician, she totally deserves this!

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