Klemperer inquisitor has died

Klemperer inquisitor has died


norman lebrecht

December 21, 2014

The BBC has reported the death, age 99, of th polymath John Freeman who, in 1961, conducted an immortal television interview with the indomitable Otto Klemperer. If you’ve never watched it before, prepare to be amazed.


klemperer face to face


  • Peter Freeman says:

    No relation, but I remember well his interviews of that era.

  • Raymond Clarke says:

    At 23:50, the work by Hindemith of which Klemperer can’t remember the title, but which he says he recorded in London, is Nobilissima Visione (EMI, 1954). However, which conductor does he mention at 25:24? I cannot make out the name because of Klemperer’s strong accent.

  • Will Moseng says:

    the conductor he mentions is Maazel.

  • stanley cohen says:

    Thank you so much for this, Norman. As a singer in the Philharmonia Chorus for some years I benefited immensely from his influence.

  • Barbara Urban says:

    Thank you…..how wonderful to see, hear, and “feel” the extraordinary human who gave such life and warmth to the music I love, especially Beethoven, and most especially my very first opera recording, “Fidelio”, which changed my life!

  • Brian says:

    An interview style we simply don’t see today, completly self-effacing interlocutor, everything focused on the subject. I only wish he’d explored the distinction between being a moralist in music (Walter) vs. Immoralist.
    I’d just finished playing Klemperer’s VSO recording of the Beethoven Missa. This was the perfect aperatif.

  • Nick says:

    Was this the only episode of that fascinating series that did not use the Berlioz Francs Juges overture at the beginning and end?

  • Mark Stratford says:

    Talking about Mahler, any news of the new ‘chamber’ version of symphony 5 which was premiered a few weeks ago, and announced on UE website ?