Times accused of ethnic cleansing in its culture dept

Afro-American media say the New York Times has got rid of non-white personnel from its much-depleted culture department.

Departing are Metro reporter Kia Gregory, who is being laid off after arriving at the paper in 2012 from Philadelphia; longtime reporter Felicia R. Lee, the only black reporter in the Culture section, also being laid off; and Fletcher Roberts, the pop music editor, who is taking a buyout. All are African Americans.

In addition, Maria Newman, a senior editor in the food section, who is Latina, is taking a buyout.

The departure of the journalists of color from the Culture section — along with three members of the section’s support staff — comes three months after the Times was embarrassed by an uproar over an Arts & Leisure story by Alessandra Stanley that referred to TV producer Shonda Rhimes in connection with the stereotype of the “Angry Black Woman.”

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  • Oh the irony. You reap what you sow. And the Times being embarrassed over something? Not likely, they are incapable of it.

  • Their Sunday Times home delivery here in NY has also been crap lately. We’ve missed delivery 5 out of the last 7 weeks. Are they disintegrating?

    • Yes, they are disintegrating. After years of dishonesty, scandals and contempt for the country in which they publish, out with them, good riddance, may we never see their like again…

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