Austrian singer dies in mid-tour

Austrian singer dies in mid-tour


norman lebrecht

December 21, 2014

Pianist, singer and songwriter Udo Jürgens died today while taking a stroll in Switzerland. He was 80 and promoting a new album titled Mid-Life – Mitten im Leben.

Jürgens won Eurovision in 1966 and remained a popular entertainer for the rest of his life, his songs covered by international artists and coveted by football teams.



  • Manfred Gerber says:

    We will miss him. Since half a century an outstanding
    singer, pianist, composer and entertainer.
    The best we ever had in the German speaking
    aerea with a career on five continents.
    He collapsed near the castle of Lisa della Casa
    and died in the same Hospital she passed away
    exactly 2 years and Ten days later.
    Both Artists exceptiinel, both unforgettable.

  • Ks. Christopher Robson says:

    Indeed a great loss, he was a wonderful entertainer and songwriter. Thank you NL for posting the Jamie Cullum cover of “If I never sing another song”, a lovely performance of a truly touching song. RIP Udo Juergens 🙂

  • Anna-marie du Preez says:

    My Family and I were in a Game Reserve: Marakele in the Limpopo Province (South Africa) when I received a SMS: Udo Jurgens is dead. What a terrible sock! I tell my husband and children the news and walked over to a Swiss couple in the camp and asked them for more news on UJ. They tell me that they are from Zurich and know him well. They tell me that he died from a hart attack and that the doctors tried to save his live for 2 hours long. I Burst into tears, they said to me I don’t have to feel too bad because he had a wonderful live.

    I am a fan (I think the biggest fan in the whole Africa!!) since I was on high school from about 16 years old. (now I am 48) I listen to his music almost everyday. His most beautiful song for me is ; Weisst Du, wie krank dich Liebe machen kann.

    a Dream came true when I flew to Germany in November 2012 to see him live in concert. It was on 6 Nov in Braunsweigh and 10 Nov in Berlin.

    For me Udo will be the biggest songwriter, entertainer ever lived.
    Anna-marie du Preez