Dope orchestra smokes out its conductor

Scott O’Neil has decided to step down as resident conductor of the Colorado Symphony Orchestra.

Nothing to do with the Classically Cannabis series which has earned the band world attention.

He just needs to get out and smell the fresh air. Story here.


photo: Todd Rosenberg

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  • NL’s presentation is hilarious….!

    In Amsterdam cannabis series would not work, because audiences would go downtown anyway after disappointing concerts to get high.

  • Oh please, Norman. “Dope Orchestra”?? Can you be just a tad less condescending and craving of attention? The Colorado Symphony is a serious, very good orchestra of experienced, highly professional musicians. And Scott is a terrific musician who has done solid work with the CSO. His “Inside the Score” programs have been huge successes. As for the “dope” thing, that’s ancient history now. No one here in Denver even remembers that silly little episode. So, do stop with the cheap and unfunny pot references. Scott is not out to smell the fresh air (my, how clever of you). He’s doing what every associate conductor does eventually: Look for a more challenging job. Got a problem with that?

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