Violinist victim was ‘refused counselling’ before rape trial

Violinist victim was ‘refused counselling’ before rape trial


norman lebrecht

July 10, 2014

The inquest into the death of the violinist Frances Andrade has heard that the police detectives told her not to seek therapy before testifying against her rapist, Chetham’s ex-music director Mike Brewer, in case the counselling affected her memory.

Her GP put her on Prozac instead. Dr Alastair Bint said: ‘I remember feeling very concerned about her mental and now her physical health. I remember again raising psychiatry but she was resolute against it.’

It has emerged that Mrs Andrade took several overdoses and was hospitalised eight times in the months before her death.

‘I felt her mental health was more important than the criminal case, but she was not persuaded,’ said the doctor.

The inquest, which continues, has exposed serious failing in police and social care of rape victims. Anrade left a husband and four children.

Mike Brewer was jailed for six years.

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