Cancer blow for top composer

Japan’s most successful composer, Ryuichi Sakamoto, announced today on his website that he is suffering from pharyngeal cancer and is canceling all professional commitments. Sakamoto, 62, said he was diagnosed last month after noticing an unusual feeling in his throat.

A lifelong anti-nuclear campaigner, he is refusing radiation treatment.

He said: I know my decision will cause trouble to a lot of people, but I had to make this tough decision because I can’t do this job without full health.’

We wish Ryuichi a full recovery.


ryuichi sakamoto

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  • He himself mentioned that he hasn’t made any comments on the radiation treatment. It seems to be made up by one of Japanese Newspaper.
    You can find his comment on this in Twitter but it’s in Japanese,,,

  • My best wishes for one of the top composers of the XXth. He always is a mirror for me in which I forged my thoughts about how to make the audience could enjoy the music. Do you know a composer who never would like to be the one who write the following work?

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