Frances Andrade’s mother had cancer, inquest is told

Frances Andrade’s mother had cancer, inquest is told


norman lebrecht

July 07, 2014

An inquest into the death of Frances Andrade, the violinist who took her own life after testifying against her rapist, the Chetham’s head of music Michael Brewer, has been told by her widower that she was upset at the time about her mother, who had been diagnosed in Canada with cancer. There were also some financial worries.

But Levine Andrade said his wife had only become seriously depressed after realising she would have to testify in court against Brewer.

He said: “She fell into incredible despair, the truth hit home. It was not something she wanted to report to the police.

“It brought back horrible memories from her past.

“Life took a real downturn after the court proceedings – that was when she was at her complete lowest.

“Apart from the trial bringing it all back up, she felt the defence barrister seemed to be attacking her personally.

“It got her completely down and she felt completely defenceless. I think she felt she was not prepared enough for the trial.

“She was not expecting to be attacked personally and have to answer so many direct questions in public.

“The words she used were she felt as if she were the one on trial.”

The inquest continues. Report here.

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  • Mike smith says:

    It’s no surprise to me she was depressed about testifying when she never wanted it reported to police in first place. She didn’t want it reporting because it wasn’t true and she’d been backed into a corner. V sad, she needed help not being forced into this.