A wedding video from Israel

A wedding video from Israel


norman lebrecht

July 10, 2014

This was last night in Ashdod. Click on ‘Post’ to run video.


  • sdReader says:

    First, three boys are kidnapped and killed. Then Netanyahu says, “this will be avenged,” or some such. Next, taking his cue, six Israeli youths burn alive a Palestinian boy. Rockets hit from Gaza. Israel hits harder back at Gaza. A wedding is ruined.

    Meanwhile, French Jews are leaving for Israel because French Moslems are killing innocent French citizens.

    How is Slipped Disc supposed to help? Can’t we focus here on music?

    • Edgar Brenninkmeyer says:

      If anything, music is what our broken world needs. Norman, a friend in Jerusalem sent me new articles about Rachelle Fraenkel, mother of one of the murdered Israeli teens, extending condolences to the mother of Muhammad Khdeir, burned alive in an unspeakable act of revenge. My friend also related that Muhammed’s mother insisted that a group of over 300 Israeli Jews be allowed to personally offer sympathy to her and her family, thus, briefly, breaking the circle of violence. May be I have missed something and you did post such news. There are, thank God, decent people on the Holy land, on both sides of The Wall. To hear about them is necessary so ad not to succumb to despair as both Israeli and Palestinian leadership is stuck in what my friend calls “moral autism”. So, Norman, please post news and clips of people making music together, against the terrible inhumanity relayed in the video posted here. That said, I hope the bride and groom did get married. May they be happy together for many years. And never, ever, have to mourn the death of a child…