Yo Yo and son, Nicholas, play first media duet

Yo Yo and son, Nicholas, play first media duet


norman lebrecht

June 03, 2014

Cute. Watch here.

yo-yo-ma and son


  • Marilyn Roth says:

    Hats off also to Jean Stackhouse, who was Nicholas’ piano teacher during the time of this taping when he was a student at New England Conservatory Preparatory School.

  • Nick says:

    Wow! That must have been filmed about a quarter of a century ago as Nicholas Ma is now around 30!

  • Louis Blois says:

    Fred Rogers had a wonderful way with children, as in this touching example. What a surprise to see him with Yo Yo Ma and son. Seems Fred knew his way around the keyboard more than he was letting on in the clip.

  • alan says:

    Yo Yo and SON, AND a third person- FRED ROGERS, a humanist of virtuoso caliber, PBS/TV show creator and host of “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.”

  • Janine says:


  • Andrea G. Shindler says:

    With their diverse inspirations of music, it is impossible to, even, imagine bringing together three more heartwarming, understated people, sharing humanitarian values that can, only, make the world a better place.