Too fat to sing? Watch for yourselves.

Too fat to sing? Watch for yourselves.


norman lebrecht

June 10, 2014

The complete Glyndebourne Rosenkavalier with the radiant Tara Erraught can now be watched worldwide on Arte. No fee. Click here.

Warning: simulated full nudity in opening scene.


tara erraught3


  • Michael says:

    Forget the [dis-]simulated full nudity – watch the fruit porn! Just look how Octavian – “the radiant Tara Erraught” – deals with a ripe fig!

  • Nick says:

    As one of the initial critics, I heartily praise Ms.Erraught’s voice and acting talents in the role. Is she believable? To a large extent, yes she is, although I do find the interpretation generally too boyish – more 14 year old than 17, and there is quite a difference. She also has to work very hard to overcome the effect of the wig and the costumes. That this Octavian is a Count also stretches the imagination somewhat.

    The audience seemed to enjoy Richard Jones production. I did not. Apart from the major liberties taken with the text and the directions from the music, some of the ‘business’ is just stupid. To take one small example: for what reason does Baron Ochs make his much heralded entrance from the Marchallin’s bathroom? Purely convenience, as far as I can make out, because too many others have to enter from the regular entrance on stage right!