Shostakovich and his US composer friends

shostakovich us2

Jay Shulman, son of composer Alan Shulman, has sent us two pics from the Soviet-American Composer’s Conference, 1959. Pictured here l-r are: Nicholas Slonimsky; Dimitri Shostakovich; Fikret Amirov; Boris Yarustovsky; Howard Hanson; Alan Shulman; Konstantin Dankevich; Ulysses Kay; Dimitri Kabalevsky; Tikon Khrennikov; Roy Harris (in the worst-fitting suit).

shostakovich us3

This is the round-table discussion, with Shostakovich squeezed between a nervous Slonimsky and the assertive Khrennikov. Anyone remember the big guy, Dankevich?

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