Shostakovich and his US composer friends

Shostakovich and his US composer friends


norman lebrecht

June 10, 2014

shostakovich us2

Jay Shulman, son of composer Alan Shulman, has sent us two pics from the Soviet-American Composer’s Conference, 1959. Pictured here l-r are: Nicholas Slonimsky; Dimitri Shostakovich; Fikret Amirov; Boris Yarustovsky; Howard Hanson; Alan Shulman; Konstantin Dankevich; Ulysses Kay; Dimitri Kabalevsky; Tikon Khrennikov; Roy Harris (in the worst-fitting suit).

shostakovich us3

This is the round-table discussion, with Shostakovich squeezed between a nervous Slonimsky and the assertive Khrennikov. Anyone remember the big guy, Dankevich?


  • John Riley says:

    There are some of his scores, including the opera ‘Bogdan Khmelmitsky’ in London at the Society for Cooperation in Russian and Soviet Studies.

  • newyorker says:

    shame we couldn’t get this photo in a larger file? It’s teensy