Just in: Alberto Vilar is heading back to jail

Just in: Alberto Vilar is heading back to jail


norman lebrecht

November 19, 2013

Judge Richard L. Sullivan of the US District Court of the southern district of New York, the man who originally sentenced the opera donor, revoked his bail today. Unless Vilar’s lawyer wins in the Appeal Court, he will return to jail tomorrow.


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  • Franz Wagner says:

    Presidential Pardon for Alberto Vilar
    I think it would be a great gesture of gratitude for opera lovers worldwide to join in a petition of a presidential pardon for Alberto. Trump is preemptively being accused of planning to give pardons to friends and family. What more effective way to deflect criticism by pardoning someone who once sued him.
    Alberto served the time so the pardon’s only effect is belated recognition for his generosity.
    Norman, take the baton and lead the effort.
    Franz Wagner